Why Does a Building Need a Guardian?

A vacant building is vulnerable, not just to vandalism but also to fire, water damage and general dilapidations. It may also be costing you more in insurance premiums than it would if occupied. And lastly it can be an eyesore on the local landscape. Simply by being occupied, your building is afforded a level of security and protection.

What Tasks do Guardians Perform?

Guardians live in the property and go about their day-to-day lives as usual. They are expected to look after it responsibly as if it were their own. Should there be any problems with the building, we simply require them to call our 24-hour emergency maintenance line. We get the problem sorted. All Guardians are required to purchase a fire pack from us. They are the first line of defense against a fire occurring in your building. Our Guardians help to avoid costly repair & maintenance bills by protecting and preserving your property.

What are Guardian Responsibilities?

  • Report security breaches or issues to the Police
  • Report maintenance issues requiring attention to our 24-hour emergency line
  • Keep their allocated living space and the property generally clean and tidy
  • No drugs or parties are allowed
  • Adhere to the Fire, Health and Safety instructions
  • Comply with Guardian Guidelines specified in the License
  • Generally be vigilant and responsible around the building, looking after is as if it was their own home

What is Protekt's role?

We provide a vacant property management solution from end-to-end:

  • Identify and recruit suitable Guardians for the building
  • Undertake a rigorous vetting process (see more details below) for prospective Guardians
  • Prepare empty buildings for occupation, including compliance with City and Fire authority regulations
  • Our licenses ensure that Guardians have no permanent occupational rights and give the landlord the right to terminate on just two weeks’ notice. This reliable structure gives both Owners and Guardians peace of mind about the usage status of the property and its ownership rights
  • Ensure that Guardians comply with our Code of Conduct, which regulates buddies’ responsibilities and restrictions
  • Allocate specific living-spaces to Guardians and set aside communal areas
  • Regular premises visits to check that security measures are functioning, that Guardians are abiding to the guidelines set out within their license and the value of your asset is being protected
  • Respond to building maintenance needs and provide you with a detailed monthly report on maintenance issues and actions taken
  • Check-out Guardians at the end of their licence and ensuring any damages are paid for

How are Guardians Verified?

  • A Guardian must be age 18 or older
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be in full time employment or be able to provide a guarantor

Protekt performs the following checks prior to qualifying a Guardian:

  • Criminal history screening
  • Social security number tracing
  • Credit rating review
  • Sex offender registry screening
  • Employment verification
  • Character and housing references
  • An interview

What are the Building Requirements?

  • The property is wind and water tight
  • The property is not vandalized or derelict
  • Essential utilities are functioning (e.g. electricity, water, etc.)